We grow over 100 different varieties of annuals each year. Check out of yearly updated selection.


We offer many varieties of short spreading, clumping, or non-running bamboo such as Fargesia rufa, Indocalamus tessalatus, Pseudosasa japonica, Viridi-striatus, Variegata, but NO TALL RUNNING BAMBOOS.

Components & Ground Cover

Our ground cover and component plants are great for improving your gardens and containers’ aesthetic appearance.


We grow many types of perennials to get your garden or landscape looking beautiful this summer, and beyond.


We offer a large assortment of Tropical Plants such as Aloe Vera, Caladiums, Crotons, Mandevillas, Hibiscus, Succulents, Agaves, and Ferns.


Westhills Greenhouses grows beautiful hardy succulents and exotic succulent plants. Perfect for indoor decor!


Grasses, great variety of annual and perennial ornamental grasses that bring great texture, variety, and beauty to set off your landscape, or containers.