Fargesia Rufa

  • Zone 5, Light Shade to Shade, Height 6 feet, Clumping, Specimen
  • Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’

  • Variegated cream green, zone 5, sun to light shade, ht. 6-10 feet, grove, specimen running
  • Pleioblastus Viridi-Striatus Dwarf Golden Bamboo

  • Zone 5, sun to light shade, ht. 18-24 feet, ground cover, running
  • Pleioblastus Chino Vaginatu Variegatus

  • Fine textured spreading ground cover, zone 5, light shade, ht. 18-30 feet
  • Pseudosasa Japonica Arrow Bamboo

  • Zone 5, sun to light shade, ht. 8-11 feet, indoor container, grove, specimen, hedge, running
  • Indocalamus tessellatus Giant leaf Bamboo

  • Zone 5, sun to light shade
  • Note on Bamboo Hardiness:
    Hardiness of Bamboo can depend on siting of the plant in the landscape. Protection from wind, especially winter wind, and mulching may help a variety thrive, that may otherwise be marginal. Severe winters may cause above ground dieback of any Bamboo, but new culms should appear in the spring. Note: We no longer grow tall running Bamboos.