• Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date, for wholesale customers with credit account in good standing.
  • For others, payment is due upon delivery or pick-up.
  • Invoices unpaid past 30 days are subject to 2% per month finance charge (24% / year).
  • Any returned items are subject to 40% restocking fee.
  • To qualify for wholesale pricing you must be a business in the horticulture industry, resale buyer, school, or a government agency. A vendor’s license and Sales Tax Exemption form are required for sales tax exemption.
  • Special Pricing is included in orders that involve design, labor, or special items.
  • Special Pricing will be determined by time and size of order.
  • Retail pricing is available for small volume customers (under $800.00/season), or non-wholesale.
  • Only authorized/approved account buyers have full account access, E.G. Wholesale Level A
  • All Accounts Past Due over 60 Days will automatically be moved to next highest Price Level, I.E. “A” to “B”. Once Account is in good standing only then will you move back to your Price Level.
  • All Accounts over 90 Days Past Due will be moved to Non-Wholesale Pricing, pay off entire balance, and must pay with Cash, Check, or Credit Card at time of purchase; account will remain Non-Wholesale for a period of one year.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.


  • Level A Wholesale Pricing: Above $1,500 per year starting with your first order
  • Level B Wholesale Pricing: Above $800, but under $1,500 per year starting with your first order.
  • Contact us for questions on price levels, or under $800/year sales


A deposit will be required on most custom grown orders. The deposit will be credited to your last and final invoice when material is delivered and /or picked-up. Cancellation for orders or part of an order will not be accepted once production has begun. In such a case, the deposit will be forfeited and material and labor will be billed.


  • Plant prices are F.O.B. at our greenhouse; delivery can be arranged.
  • Monday Morning Deliveries and Pick-Ups are Restricted Due to Pull and Load Times.


  • Combination Local Deliveries, each drop: $39.00
  • Single Local Special Delivery: $59.00
  • Combination Deliveries Outside Greater Cincinnati, each drop: $59.00
  • Single Special Delivery Outside Greater Cincinnati: $100.00 and up.
  • Driver requires help unloading trucks, or unloading fee may apply.


  • Availability is faxed, e-mailed, and posted on our website.
  • Custom Growing is available by request.
  • E-mail is preferred, if you wish to recieve our availability, contact Roger
  • It is posted seasonally from April through October.
  • Please let us know if you wish to recieve via E-Mail.


  • Standard Pot Sizes are as follows. Any other sizes are grown custom and priced accordingly
  • #1 =#300 pot size; #2 = #600 pot size; #3 = #1200 pot size
  • 3.5″ (18/flat), 4.5″ Pot (15/Tray), 4″ Pot (20/Tray), 6.5″ Azalea
  • 10″ & 12″ Traditional Hanging Basket w/ Wire Hanger
  • 8″ Mum Pan = #350

To obtain an Ohio State Sales Tax Exemption Form, Please download and print this PDF document.

What we grow:

  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Ferns
  • Herbs
  • Tropicals
  • Ground-covers
  • Bamboo
  • Component